Product Content & Catalog Management

Create and edit product content on a single platform.

Amaze PXM enables you to author content efficiently and at the most granular level and create content that describes your products accurately and extensively.


Create at the Catalog Level

Amaze PXM’s ‘Create’ capabilities function on more than one level. At the catalog level, Amaze PIM software lets users design and build catalog structure. This facilitates the building of:

Taxonomy hierarchy:

The grouping of similar products under a common umbrella


Determination of characteristics/properties that describe products


Determination of attribute relevancy to categories (aka taxonomy node definition)

Importantly, Amaze allows users to govern and control data quality by setting rules for validation for attributes, data formatting, value normalization and much more. This gives users complete and absolute control over data integrity.


Create at the Product Level

At the product level, users can carry out the following tasks:


Arrangement of products under relevant categories

Content Creation:

Population of attributes, digital assets, copy and other elements that describe the product


Ensuring adherence to data standards and uniformity

Whether its authoring at the catalog level or the product level, Amaze PXM gives users total flexibility by leveraging automation or manual control. The end result – a product experience that empowers eCommerce customers with comprehensive and contextually relevant information to drive buying decisions.

Populate, update, and edit product attributes in bulk

Identify information gaps, rectify them, and create more complete product experiences

Track changes made to products, categories, and attributes

Create differentiated, customer-centric product content

Cross-list products to boost catalog coverage and drive sales

Differentiate products with unique and engaging content

Centralize the Product Data Lifecycle in Amaze

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