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Content Creation

Create and edit product content on a single platform.

Amaze PXM enables you to create content that describes your products accurately and extensively. It lets you do so on a ‘single platform, and with great efficiency.

The end result – a product experience that empowers customers with comprehensive and contextually relevant information to drive buying decisions.

  • Empower buyers to make confident buying decisions with accurate and contextually relevant content
  • Populate, update, and edit product attributes in bulk
  • Identify information gaps, rectify them, and create more complete ‘product experiences
  • Track changes made to products, categories, and attributes
  • Create differentiated, customer-centric product content
  • Cross-list products to boost catalog coverage and drive sales
  • Differentiate products with unique and engaging content
content creation strategy for ecommerce growth

Create an engaging online
product experience with
Amaze PXM.


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