Optimize Browse & Search Design

Intuitively finetune browse and search functions so end-customers always find what they are looking for.

The platform enables you to design clean and intuitive product experiences for your customers with a well-defined browse and search roadmap for your digital merchandise. This helps your customers find exactly what they are looking for intuitively and effectively in their online buying journey.

Since customers use varying methods to get to the products they are looking for, it is imperative for businesses to have all angles covered.


Build and manage product pages effortlessly with Amaze PXM:

Complete control over taxonomy design and classification; to give your customers a user-friendly navigation with product pages and catalogs that guides customers to find the right product intuitively

Attribution and schema design capabilities that enable users to populate products with the right attributes, consistently and without duplication. This is a key driver for customers that choose to use site search

The ability to build product families means that customers can explore more than one way to find the products they are looking for. With their own set of attributes and hierarchies, these product families don’t just drive findability, but also conversion


Amaze PXM brings it all together in one comprehensive PIM platform:

Guide customers to swiftly and effortlessly find the products they’re looking for with a combination of categorization and classification, attribution, schema, and normalization

Cater to diverse customers with channel-specific browse and search design

Maintain consistency in attribution to drive seamless faceted search

Further drive findability with easy product family creation

Set governance standards to ensure consistent product experiences

Gain a competitive edge with customer-centric browse and search experiences

Centralize the Product Data Lifecycle in Amaze

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