Experience is the silent ambassador of a brand.

As digital solutions providers, we, at Blue Meteor have been committed to providing great software products that help businesses tie together their digital strategies and create unforgettable product experiences. ‘Amaze PXM’ is yet another step in this direction.

With decades of experience in Digital Commerce and Transformation in the B2B2C space, we have garnered the required wherewithal to stand strong in the digital landscape. Our journey, however, has also taught us the importance of reinventing software products and processes to remain relevant in an everchanging eCommerce ecosystem. In an ever-transforming market, the agility to evolve and adapt is what we think is the key.

The changing role and significance of product data in the eCommerce space is no exception. While product information management (PIM) still stands strong as an integral building block for digital businesses, the current market demands more. Present day customers are looking for more than rudimentary information. They need engaging content that is rich and accurate. They need personalized interactions. They need speed. They need mobility. What customers need and expect in the current climate is top-of-the-shelf product experiences. Businesses looking to achieve ‘Digital Commerce Growth’ need a product experience management (PXM) tool that helps them centralize access to product content and update workflows to be lean and streamlined.

The motivation behind creating the Amaze Product Experience Management Platform was a result of our cognizance to these changing demands. It came from our awareness of the importance of fulfilling product experiences. While appreciating the need for robust PIM systems, we saw great opportunity in leveraging technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to expand product experience horizon. The idea was to provide customers with, not just product information, but also product and brand value with enhanced content, syndication, digital asset management, and more!

Once the vision was set, the rest just flowed. We aimed to create a product that could help small and medium-sized businesses digitize e-commerce supply chains, improve personalization, leverage intelligent marketing, and embrace AI and machine learning with open arms. The key intent, help our clients to build and grow their e-commerce business. Our focus was on creating a PXM platform that wasn’t just intuitive in design and easy to use, but also a cost-efficient solution, easier onboarding process and faster deployment.

From the get-go, we felt empowered to reinvent the wheel as long as it addressed our purpose and intentions. The composition of our team is a great case in point. Unlike traditional organizations, geographical proximity was not the highest of our priorities. Instead, we were focused on getting the best minds to work towards a common goal. We put together a team of developers across three countries – USA, India, and UK. We ensured that we put together a team of, not just great developers, but also great communicators to offer our clients end to end branded content & e-commerce services.

With a compact team, and no baggage of legacy processes and practices, we had the freedom to formulate an agile modus operandi. Our approach involved a delicate balance of process- defined regulatory boundaries, and the free-flowing maverick nature of innovation. Systemic changes in attitudes towards ownership and accountability, and lucid articulation of expectations encouraged a collaborative spirit with a mindset focused on quality.

Our team spent tireless hours reading into various problem statements from eCommerce players to form a consolidated understanding of future challenges. We dug deep into the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ of these challenges. The finding - A need gap for a software solution with a sound technological foundation, and more importantly, a product-experience-centric DNA. The result – The Amaze Platform; a PXM solution that is a sum, way larger than its parts.

With the creation now complete, the journey has only just begun. As the eCommerce sector throws new opportunities and challenges, we continue to remain focused on intuitively adapting, evolving, and improving as we go along.

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