Driving User Experience from the Inside-Out

A rocket without a user manual is essentially just a large metal tube. It won’t get you to the moon if you don’t know how to fly it.

The success of a PXM solution rests on technology, yes. But even more so, it rests on the people who use the tool. Technology, alone, cannot bridge the gulf between capability and usability. The key metric of success for a PXM tool is the fruition of business objectives. If it enables end users (business teams in this case) to adopt the technology fast and achieve their goals even fasters, it’s a job well done.

Fast Onboarding:

Migration to a legacy PIM is an arduous task. Not with Amaze PXM. The native cloud software enables businesses to hit the ground running in a matter of days.

Training & Support:

Business teams and other Amaze end users get comprehensive training on how to leverage the tool for their custom requirements. Any roadblocks and obstacles are cleared instantly with prompt support and assistance. What makes it special is tech support with a human touch.

User-Friendly UX & UI:

Unlike traditional PIM systems, Amaze has a simple, intuitive design with natural-language-driven nomenclature. The interface is easy to use and requires basic training to get started.

Custom Modules:

Users can create custom modules that pertain to their tasks only. This enables them to focus purely on tasks at hand without distractions - no outside noise, no clutter.

Better Visibility:

Similarly, users can create and access custom dashboards and analytics for improved visibility and perspective. They can also perform bulk modifications and enable automated fixes to make the job a whole lot easier.

Governance Simplified:

Workflow and authorization is a breeze with Amaze PXM. Users can easily define processes to limit control and access across roles. One can set up fine-grained security authorization to build security roles with privileges at an atomic level.

Automation All the Way:

Whether it’s product data onboarding and distribution (the syndication problem) or catalog, category and SKU creation, users get access to intelligence-driven automation to get the job done quicker, without manual intervention. Customizable features and machine learning ensure that once their preferences are set up, projects can run on auto-pilot.

Amaze PXM enables you to create great end-to-end user experiences for your customer. Irrespective of how a customer chooses to look for your product, Amaze PXM ensures they find it. The platform empowers your online buyers with all the information and engagement they expect to make a purchase. It ensures that you facilitate effective browsing and buying journeys.

Create product content that helps direct prospective users to your page

Create effective product content to leverage internal site search for more accurate results

Build intuitive attribution to boost faceted search

Optimize taxonomy and schema to enable better browsing experiences

Set rules to make sure information is accurate, complete, and relevant

View product detail pages as the end user would see them to optimize the use of design and information flow

Benefits of Amaze PXM

Structured and intuitive product organization

Optimized and informative custom-built product data

Zero standardization/normalization cost

Reduced risk of inaccurate and/or incorrect information

Significant reduction in data governance cost

Automated onboarding and/or syndication of products presented in the desired category (taxonomy) with the desired characteristics (attributes)

Increased findability and SEO optimization

Enhanced and robust searchability leading to increased sales

Enriched content for products including robust accurate images through digital assets

Faster product data syndication and easy integration with 100+ eCommerce marketplace and distribution channels

Centralize the Product Data Lifecycle in Amaze

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