Amaze PXM : For PIM & Beyond

A next-gen PIM solution, Amaze PXM enables businesses to take product information management to the next level; towards product experience management. It is a SaaS solution built on years of experience in empowering businesses to build a strong foundation in product information and experience.

Amaze PXM takes into cognizance the most common challenges and pain-points of setting up a robust product data foundation. An experience and expertise driven solution - so your business doesn’t have to go through the painstaking phase of ‘learning from mistakes’ to win the digital shelf.

A 360 Suite Like None Other

Traditional PIM solutions help businesses consolidate product information into a centralized repository and take things forward from there. However, these solutions don't necessarily give businesses end-to-end control and visibility to make waves in the eCommerce ecosystem.

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Amaze PXM Is The Complete Package

From data ingestion, storage and organization to governance and distribution, Amaze PXM covers all grounds for organizations to leverage product information and unleash product experience. Unlike any other PIM solution, the PIM suite includes four modules for end-to-end control over product experience:

Advantage Amaze

As a four-pronged solution, Amaze PXM ensures that businesses get a comprehensive, end-to-end product information management system. With the 'Create' feature, businesses can get the solidity of a traditional PIM platform, centralizing content creation and editing. Introduce a feature like ‘Syndicate' into the mix, and you get the extended advantage of automated data ingestion, normalization and distribution. This doesn't just drive time-to-market but also ensures overall data integrity irrespective of whether you're a manufacturer, supplier, distributor or retailer.

‘Optimize' ensures that your team has all the tools needed to design browse-and-search experiences that are second to none. And with 'Dazzle', your business can truly master digital asset management (DAM) and ensure that customers get value-added experience at every touchpoint of the purchase journey.

Amaze Intelligence

Here's the real cherry on the cake – Amaze Astro: the industry's first intelligence-powered native cloud software that enables businesses to create categories faster than ever before. Built on a repository of millions of products worth of taxonomy and schema-related data, the recommendation engine speeds up catalog development. With machine learning, Astro is always learning and improving, enabling teams to finetune and excel category building.


There's more! Taking 'end-to-end product experience' to the next level, Amaze PXM also offers fast and easy integration with 40+ eCommerce platforms and distribution channels. From Amazon and Shopify to Magento, WooCommerce and eBay, the options are plenty, giving your business a chance to get your products out there at an accelerated pace and increase sales.

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Easy & Fast Onboarding

You can be assured that Team Blue Meteor will be with you every step of the way. Right from setup and ingestion to module-by-module training, the team will make sure your business and your teams are well aligned with the platform to maximize results.

For Teams

Easy to learn and deploy, Amaze PXM is a dream tool for teams. With a simple user interface, it gives teams a centralized view of product information and enables them to easily make changes and updates to product data. Features such as quality metrics and validation management ensure higher data quality, and functions enabling bulk updates save time and manual effort. This helps teams ensure high data integrity across the ecosystem.

For Managers

The tool gives managers complete visibility of product data across touchpoints. They can easily identify product statuses, track changes, set accessibility rules for roles and teams, and streamline workflows with Amaze PXM. Depending on requirements, managers can prioritize and accelerate products or tasks to optimize business performance and efficiency.

For Marketers

With centralized access to different types of product data across the board, Amaze PXM makes it much easier for marketers to provide a connected, holistic customer experience. Similarly, they can also prioritize and accelerate product data journeys to lend impetus to their marketing efforts.

For Owners

From higher data quality to faster time-to-market, multiple factors impact the customer experience. And this is how Amaze PXM empowers businesses to drive sales. More importantly, it covers all grounds. Right from building a solid product-data- driven foundation for improved business performance, and leveraging technology to accelerate and optimize data journeys to deploying easy integration, the solution powers all- round digital excellence.

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