Delivers Value

Drive eCommerce Sales & Operational Efficiency

eCommerce Sales

With consistent, complete, and enriched product data & images build confidence with buyers. Reducing returns, and increasing buyer satisfaction with your eCommerce store bringing them back for repeat & expanded purchases.


By centralizing information & streamlining normalization your team will get more done in less time. Focus on value-add activities like enriching content & creating a differentiated browse & search experience.

Improve Time to
Market & Item

Speed time to market by creating better processes around centralizing, organizing, and managing your product data. Cut time to market down by weeks and realize revenue faster, increasing overall sales.

Lower Cost
of Ownership

With hosting, support, and upgrades included with the license of Amaze, the total cost of ownership is a fraction of typical On-Prem or Single Tenant Cloud PIMs.

Product Experience Drives Sales

Product Experience is critical for digital success and Amaze is here to help!
63% Of Buyers take their search to other E-commerce sites when they are unable to find what 
they are looking for
73% Of shoppers say that detailed product content is the #1 
reason they click buy
55% Of buyers take their 
business elsewhere when they do not get sufficient product information
67% Of E-commerce shoppers consider images “very 
important” when making a buying decision

PXM In Action

And here is why you should too..

Centralize & Enrich
  • Increase the efficiency of your team by bringing all your product data into a central repository.
  • Manage, organize, enrich, and syndicate all your data and digital assets for eCommerce directly from the web with one application.
  • Make changes in bulk to enrich & normalize data with ease & efficiency. See where there are errors & gaps in your data and take action!
  • Manage & review changes across merchandising hierarchy, attribution, and product data.
  • Easily collaborate across departments to develop best-in-class customer-centric content.
  • With flexible user roles & permissions, teams can divide and conquer in one application for day to day responsibilities.
  • Easily design different buying experiences for each kind of customer group within Amaze.
  • Design multiple digital merchandising hierarchies to more effectively sell to customers.
  • Create Product Detail Page Templates and optimize & edit content to fit your PDP in Amaze.
  • Keep up with customer preferences and easily update & edit product data to connect with buyers changing desires.

Centralize the Product Data Lifecycle in