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Amaze PXM is industry’s first intelligence powered native cloud software that gives businesses end-to-end control of their product data, experience design and digital assets. Amaze is a comprehensive software product which converges digital technologies such as product content creation, merchandising design, product attribution design, digital asset management, syndication and advanced intelligence into one product experience platform. With the tenets of rich product content, customer focused organization, data accuracy and completeness, and timely responsiveness to continual change in an intuitive application, Amaze PXM empowers businesses to drive customer loyalty, brand value and eCommerce revenue. Regardless of whether the company using Amaze is a manufacturer or a distributor/retailer of products, the business and operational challenges for product data management and syndication are similar in nature. Hence, Amaze PXM is equally apt and useful for all firms that manufacture, distribute or sell products.

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Amaze PXM works for both Manufacturers as well as Distributors!

Amaze PXM as a model is functional from both a manufacturer’s as well as from a distributor’s point of view. In case of a manufacturer, the product data needs to be sent to various channel partners selling the manufacturer’s products whereas in case of a distributor, the product data is being acquired from various sources who are supplying products to the distributor. Thus, in both scenarios, the data needs to be transformed and Amaze PXM helps in achieving this through its various built-in modules.

Using Amaze modules, the manufacturers as well as the distributors can automate onboarding of data, manage digital assets, manage browse and search experience, build SKUs, and put governance rules around data for consistency all within one platform.


Amaze Intelligence

Leverage the power of Amaze Data Intelligence powered by AI and ML. Amaze PXM has inbuilt intelligence and user friendly, intuitive User Interface (UI) which helps product managers, marketing personnel, procurement professionals and supply chain managers perform their daily tasks accurately, efficiently and effectively.

Centralize the Product Data Lifecycle in Amaze

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