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Amaze PXM enables you to create great end-to-end user experiences for your customer. Irrespective of how a customer chooses to look for your product, Amaze PXM ensures they find it. The platform empowers them with all the information and engagement they expect to make a purchase. It ensures that you facilitate effective browsing and buying journeys.

  • Create product content that helps direct prospective users to your page
  • Create effective product content to leverage internal site search for more accurate results
  • Build intuitive attribution to boost faceted search
  • Optimize taxonomy and schema to enable better browsing experiences
  • Set rules to make sure information is accurate, complete, and relevant
  • View product detail pages as the end user would see them to optimize the use of design and information flow
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Benefits of Amaze PXM

  • Structured and intuitive product organization
  • Optimized and informative custom-built product data
  • Zero standardization/normalization cost
  • Reduced risk of inaccurate and/or incorrect information
  • Significant reduction in data governance cost
  • Automated onboarding and/or syndication of products presented in the desired category (taxonomy) with the desired characteristics (attributes)
  • Increased findability and SEO optimization
  • Enhanced and robust searchability leading to increased sales
  • Enriched content for products including robust accurate images through digital assets
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