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We’re on a mission to drive digital businesses on the path of growth

Blue Meteor’s primary focus is on transforming B2B and B2C companies by establishing an efficient and effective eCommerce strategy built on the bedrock of product experience. With Amaze, we help businesses achieve this, combining the tenets of rich product content, data accuracy and completeness, customer-focused organization, and timely responsiveness to continual change. We bring together merchandising design, product attribution design, product data creation, and enriched content on a single cloud-based platform to give businesses complete control over product experiences.

Content is our strength, and we help businesses make the most of it

With over two decades of experience in product content, we know what ‘best-in-class’ truly means. We’ve helped numerous fortune 500 companies manage content, item authoring, and content distribution. We aim to continue to help businesses leverage the power of content to win big on the digital shelf.

We enable businesses to take control of product content and experiences

Our expertise and platform enable businesses to not just create product content and experience, but take full control of them. We power businesses of all types and market segments to guide their product content and experience design in a direction that drives sales and differentiates them from their competition.

We ensure businesses stay ahead of the game

We help businesses develop adaptive product experience strategies that help them stay agile and flexible in an ever-changing market. We ensure that the process of learning and improving never stops, so when the next big change is here, your company is ready for it!

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