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Amaze Intelligence

Harness the industry's first intelligence-powered native cloud software to hit the ground running!

With a gathered data repository coming from two decades of taxonomy and schema development for over 90 million products across industry verticals, Amaze Intelligence lets you build new categories faster than ever before. The data used by Amaze Intelligence is purely public, and contains no customer-specific, or IP-specific information.

ASTRO – the smart AI bot to accelerate your digital growth!

Astro deploys smart artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to introduce new product categories and build product catalogs faster by leveraging data gathered from millions of SKUs. It provides smart recommendations, backed by continuous learning and improvements, to reduce the effort required to author highly accurate product information. With Astro, your business gets speed, scale, and efficiency powered by AI-enabled operational efficiency.

What’s more? Amaze Intelligence is smart!

As a sophisticated recommendation engine, it gives contextual and relevant suggestions for product categories to ensure that taxonomy and schema development, setting up of governance rules, and normalization is not just fast, but also accurate

…And it’s flexible!

Amaze Intelligence helps you identify missing or incorrect information and make necessary refinements

Amaze Intelligence never stops learning!

With inbuilt machine learning capabilities, Amaze Intelligence is always learning and improving to give your brand a truly digital DNA

Amaze PXM's smart powered AI bot - Astro

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